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I’m R. T. (Artie), a software engineer and generative artist from Freiburg, Germany. I've always sensed two seemingly disparate forces within me: a profound appreciation for art and design fueled by my creative side, as well as the presence of a very logical and technical side. I used to believe that my creative aspect was solely for appreciating art, for feeling its impact when I encountered it. In contrast, I thought that my ability to create was limited to logical and technical pursuits. Despite my deep desire to express myself through art, I never considered myself as having any talent for creating it; I only trusted my sense of aesthetics and my discerning taste. It was only when I learned about generative art that I realized these two facets of my personality were not as separate as I had once believed. The notion that my two greatest passions, coding and art, could converge into a single hobby—and potentially a career—still astonishes me to this day.


Béton Brut
Long-form generative art
December 2023

Long-form generative art
March 2023

AI Art Experiments
November 2022

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