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Country of Clarity

Project type

AI Art

Release Date

November 2022



Country of Clarity delves into the transformative power of solitude and the profound clarity that emerges when one disconnects from the noise of modern digital life. In an age characterized by incessant social media notifications, endless to-do lists, and a constant barrage of digital distractions, this artwork serves as a visual and emotional exploration of the serene landscape that reveals itself when we retreat into isolation and disconnect from the digital world:

"Imagine standing there. This huge creation of nature and time in front of you. A cold, icy winter breeze hits your face. You can hear the wind. You are alone there. You feel tiny in this vast landscape. You are all by yourself. No one expects anything from you. No notifications, no tasks, no worries. There is no better place to think clearly. What do you want for yourself? This is the Country of Clarity."

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