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Solitude Series

Project type

AI Art

Release Date

November 2022



"Solitude" is a series of AI artworks I released on KnownOrigin in 2022.

Through minimalist visuals, this series captures the essence of solitude's contrast - prompting contemplation about its capacity for introspective growth as well as its capacity to induce feelings of isolation.

The series consists of the following artworks:

"Recognizing the Beauty of Existence" (20 editions)
Sometimes you just have to pause and take a closer look.

"A Sense of Insignificance" (15 editions)
Sometimes looking at the world makes me feel small, makes me feel insignificant in this vast cosmos.

"Feeling Blue" (15 editions)
Sometimes art can be the remedy for a depressed mind.

"Long Way Home" (15 editions)
Sometimes the first step is all that’s needed.

“Rooftop Contemplation” (10 editions)
Sometimes I feel the loneliest in the most crowded places.

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