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Béton Brut

Project type

Long-form generative art

Release date

December 2023



Béton Brut is a generative art series inspired by the raw aesthetics of brutalist architecture.

It encapsulates the essence of brutalism – the celebration of raw materials, the interplay of light and shadow, and the daring embrace of geometry.

This project explores my vision of concrete structures translated into abstract visual compositions. The choice of a grid format pays homage to the inherent modularity and order often found in brutalist architecture. The deliberate ambiguity of the outputs invites the viewer to find their own meaning within each piece. By doing so, the project creates a canvas for introspection, where the observer's own memories, emotions, and interpretations converge with the abstracted structures before them. For instance, given my background in computer science, I often find that certain outputs evoke associations with computer chips or complex circuitry, melting the boundaries between art, architecture and technology.

In Béton Brut raw emotions meet calculated design. Remember that the reflections you see are not confined to the canvas, but spring from the depths of your own experiences. It's an invitation to engage with the essence of form and structure.

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